Date a guy who reads

Around 5 years ago, a friend send me this:

One of the first slam poems I’ve heard and I still love it. But just because I hate generalization and stuff like “guys do that, girls to this”, i want to add something:

Girls, you too, date a guy who reads!

Date a guy who likes the meaning of the words, who is not afraid to search for the meaning of the words and who does not accept shallowness and does not just agree without questions. Date a guy who is not afraid to express and open himself to you and a guy who shares.

Shares dreams.
Shares thoughts.
Shares nightmares.
Date a guy who reads.

Date a guy who will read to you every once in a while, even though he can’t do it fluently.
Date a guy who thinks about thinking and a guy who dares asking what do you think.
Date a guy who reads, because he knows there are more opinions out there, not only his own, and there are more authors and different point of views.

Just date a guy who reads.

Because he knows there are more worlds than the one he lives in. And they are all important. Especially yours.

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